Founder and Creative Director profile

Bhavesh is perhaps the most under-qualified person you can find to be in his current role. By traditional measures, he is not your “typical” trainer, management consultant or a coach. He does not have a Ph.D. in Organizational Development, nor does he have dozens of years of experience speaking and training.

He has spent more time out in the field, in the trenches, working in the corporate world, doing the kind of work that his workshop participants do, than in a laboratory, a classroom or in academic pursuits.
Everything that Bhavesh teaches has been tried, tested and proven in the only Research and Development Laboratory that ultimately counts: himself. That’s why, instead of being a know-all, be-all preacher, Bhavesh can be someone who the participants can relate with as “one of us.”

While logging over 1000 hours training and speaking to audiences - from a few people to a few hundred at a time - Bhavesh has developed a unique, improvisational style of training that is entertaining yet invasive, inspiring yet intellectually stimulating and interactive yet educational.

By education, he is an Electrical Engineer (Bachelors in Science, graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1990) from New Jersey Institute of Technology. There, the Dean of Humanities Department handpicked him to minor in Arts and Humanities for the unusual spark he demonstrated in the area. He spent thirteen years working with the corporate America: as a software engineer, account executive, project manager, quality assurance director, consultant and an Internet Entrepreneur.

While receiving multiple awards in his career positions, he always gravitated towards the “soft issues” that affected people, businesses and societies. For example, at IBM he led the Defect Prevention Process (inspired by Dr. Edward Deming) efforts. At Hughes Network Systems and eon Corporation, he led software project managers and engineers to better quality of software. In these projects, Bhavesh had many opportunities to try out the various concepts that he now teaches in his workshops.

Bhavesh’s life-passion is to study and experiment with cutting-edge ideas, concepts, and models in human effectiveness and their effects on business organizations, institutions and society at large. Bhavesh chose his current profession not because it pays the most or it’s the most glamorous thing to do, but because he believes that that’s how he can make the biggest impact in the world.
For him, his work is an instrument to achieve something greater than himself.

Bhavesh spends much of his spare time studying literature from a wide variety of sources including not just the popular, contemporary business press but also the gems of forgotten wisdom thousands of years old.

Through Awayre, LLC and in pursuit of his long-term goal of establishing 1000 Libraries around the world in developing countries, he contributes his time and energy to projects that inspire people to study and create their lives.

Among the organizations Bhavesh has helped are Hughes Network Systems, USA Waste Services, Energetics, Inc., Bayesian Systems, Inc., IIT Research Institute, Sheppard Pratt Hospital, International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation and Borders Group, Inc. Additionally, Bhavesh has worked with over a hundred small and mid-sized businesses in the last 15 years, many of whom still work with him.